Remodelista Reconnaissance: The Nautical Brass Ceiling Light

Interiors stylist Brittany Albert left much well enough alone in her Connecticut kitchen, but managed to transform an uninspired space courtesy of cost-conscious tweaks: see The Cosmetic Kitchen Upgrade, Trade Secrets Included.

Brittany freely shared her paint colors; how she was tracked down remaindered marble; and her hardware, and sink light sources. But she asked that we not go into the modest brass and glass ceiling lights: she had found them via a tip from a designer friend who requested silence on the subject.

Can a standout ceiling light really be kept secret? We originally presented Brittany’s kitchen a year ago and revisited it last month, and, without a word from us, the queries came: where did those pleasingly simple overhead lights come from? In response, we had been looking ourselves for months: it turns out the world is filled with flush-mount nautical lighting of the sort, seemingly all of it, unlike Brittany’s version, a bit too big, too refined, or too brash.

Then, unaware of our search, Remodelista reader Brett MacFadden, of SF graphic design firm MacFadden & Thorpe, did his own hunt. Thank you, Brett, we think you found the light.

The Sighting

the ceiling lights are strategically placed in several spots on the ceiling of  17
Above: The ceiling lights are strategically placed in several spots on the ceiling of Brittany’s kitchen, which is set in an 1880s Connecticut farmhouse that has been updated over the decades including by the previous owners. Photograph by Kate Jordan.
brittany plans to eventually replace the existing appliances, but since they we 18
Above: Brittany plans to eventually replace the existing appliances, but since they were in working condition—and she had a whole house to renovate—she decided to keep them in place while treating the room to some savvy styling upgrades. These included brightening and warming the space with low-key touches of brass: the new cabinet knobs, light switch plates, and faucet—for these details go to Brittany Albert’s Cosmetic Kitchen Upgrade—and yes, also the ceiling lights. Photograph by Kate Jordan.

The Source

uk lighting specialists felix make the battersea wall/ceiling light. 19
Above: UK lighting specialists Felix make the Battersea Wall/Ceiling Light.
felix offers the battersea light for £220—and the especially good 20
Above: Felix offers the Battersea Light for £220—and the especially good news is that US and Canadian wiring is available on request.

Some runner-up flush-mount brass ceiling lights to consider—if only to give you more appreciation for the Battersea: the Vintage Maritime Brass Ceiling Lights, $218, from Etsy seller Big Ship Salvage; Original BTC’s Miniature Ship’s Well Glass Ceiling Light, $675;  the Bower Surface Mount, $349, from Schoolhouse; Edison Light Globes’s Small Brass Flush-Mout Light, $240 AUD; and the Brass Capsule Light, ¥14,300, from R-Toolbox of Tokyo.

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