Japanese Hep Cats: 10 Design-Forward Feline Accessories from Orneko of Tokyo

“Cats spend more time at home than humans,” points out Kim Hyunsook. With her husband, Akira Tani, Kim is the owner of the European-inspired Japanese housewares line Orné de Feuilles (translation: Decorated with Leaves)—the two met while living in Paris and set up shop in Tokyo. Longtime feline fans, their first cat, Kate, was with them for 17 years, and brothers Chai and Kakao currently rule their roost.

After realizing that they are a company of cat lovers, Orneko (for Orné plus neko, Japanese for cat) came to be: “We deal with interior products, but found it difficult to find goods for cats that matched our design taste, so we decided to create our own,” says Kim.

In need of some kitty upgrades in your own home? Come take a look at 10 of our Orneko favorites—and stay tuned for more from Orné de Feuilles.

Photography courtesy of Orneko (@orneko_bu).

the orneko team creates “i wish we had things like this&#822 17
Above: The Orneko team creates “I wish we had things like this” designs that “blend well into interiors.” The Cozy Nook Side Table, ¥59, 400 ($398.52) doubles as a cat tower. Its made of solid teak. Shipping to the US is available for most products.
orneko’s walnut scratching frame, ¥19,800, is modeled after f 18
Above: Orneko’s Walnut Scratching Frame, ¥19,800, is modeled after French antique tables. It comes with an inset cardboard scratcher that can be replaced, if needed, with a commercially available version.
forthcoming: a carved wood side table with cat cubbies. 19
Above: Forthcoming: a carved wood side table with cat cubbies.