For Home and Humanity: New Bio-Based Paints by Atelier Ellis

The new bio formulation was rigorously tried and tested by a team of professional decorators and found to improve both the materiality and performance of the emulsion with no compromise on breathability or maintaining minimal VOC levels. “It’s got a grip to it, coverage is better, and it’s more robust,” Cassandra says.

“tweaking, iterating, and adjusting” inside the atelier elli 20
Above: “Tweaking, iterating, and adjusting” inside the Atelier Ellis factory.

The Atelier Ellis showroom in Bath will be given a fresh coat of bio-based paint this spring for visitors to see, stroke, and smell the new formulation for themselves. The scent of the new product has been likened to a ripe bowl of apples or a rich, unscented face cream. “What it doesn’t smell of is what we think of as paint,” says Cassandra. “There’s a really interesting discussion to have,” she adds. “If it doesn’t smell like paint, what does paint smell like? And what’s in paint that makes it smell like that?”

color samples on display in the bath townhouse. 21
Above: Color samples on display in the Bath townhouse.
“the smell of ripe apples”: the atelier ellis townhous 22
Above: “The smell of ripe apples”: The Atelier Ellis townhouse in Bath.

The formulation is currently undergoing testing on the Atelier’s range of eggshell and soft gloss finishes for wood, metal, and floors; Cassandra hopes to launch that line later this year. Until then, she’ll be in her paint factory “tweaking, iterating, and adjusting” her offering. “I just want to be proud of what our customer puts on their walls,” she says. “I have to keep moving forward, to make it better and better and better. Did the world need another paint brand?” she asks rhetorically. “No, but as long as I’m making beautiful products in beautiful colors and the process of buying from us is kind and beautiful, then you can start to think about it as a conduit for having a proper conversation about home and humanity.”

For more on Atelier Ellis’s eco paint lines, head to their site.

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