Object of Desire: Ceramic Water Filter by Kyn & Folk

While writing about creative Holly McCauley’s cottage in the Australian hinterlands near Byron Bay earlier this week, I spied an unusually attractive water filter sitting on her kitchen counter. It was ceramic (not plastic), a pretty color (pale sage), and large enough not to require constant refilling.

Turns out it’s by Kyn & Folk, the brainchild of Montana Mincher and Declan Walters. The couple came up with the idea when they moved into a Queensland rental with rusty pipes that made their water nearly undrinkable. Their solution was to buy their water at the farmer’s market, but that proved both expensive and not sustainable. Kyn & Folk, with its emphasis on both sustainability and style, was thus born.

the kyn & folk water filter in holly’s kitchen that sent me dow 17
Above: The Kyn & Folk water filter in Holly’s kitchen that sent me down a rabbit hole. Photograph by Holly McCauley.
Above: The dispenser is wheel-thrown in the UK and comes in three glazes. Pictured are Dove and Pistachio.
the kyn & folk water filter ( d here in dune) holds up to 10 liters of wat 20
Above: The Kyn & Folk water filter (pictured here in Dune) holds up to 10 liters of water. Each set comes with a spigot, stand, lid, and a “filter candle,” which is available in two filtering levels: standard and one that filters heavy metals and fluoride as well. The set is $450AUD for the standard filter; $490AUD for the heavy metals and fluoride filter.
montana and declan. photograph by katie kenning, via kyn & folk. 21
Above: Montana and Declan. Photograph by Katie Kenning, via Kyn & Folk.

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