Object of Desire: Luxe Candles in Shades of Giorgio Morandi

Named for an ancient burial ground dating back to the 6th century AD, where the oldest conserved beeswax candles north of the Alps were found, Oberflacht is a candle making operation in Baden-Baden Germany founded by an “aesthetic design visionary and a specialist in  interiors, vintage furniture and artisanal objects,” as they say.

“It all started with our desire to create a hand-dipped, black taper candle in the blackest black possible. To achieve the purest color, we realized we needed to find a unique formula for dyeing the naturally yellow beeswax.”

The duo has since added an assortment of both pillar and taper candles, available in a range of moody colors, from Blood to Forest to Swamp.

The candles are available in Europe and in the US; for shopping info, go to Stockists

Here’s a look:

oberflacht classic candles
Above: An assortment of pillar candles in muted earth-inspired hues.
oberflacht taper candles
Above: Root and Sprout candles are available from Gotham in NYC; $40 a pair.
oberflacht candles 2
Above: Sculptured Klotz Square 4-Wick  Candles in Pumpkin and Blood ($275).
oberflacht candles 7
Above: Sculptured Root Taper Candle in Forest and Cone Smooth Low Candle ($166)  in black; both available from Gortham.
oberflacht candle pillar
Above: A pair of sculptured Sprout Tapers ($40 from Gotham) in Denim and Parchment.

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