Remodelista Gift Guide 2023: Gift Ideas for All of Life’s Helpers

When it comes to making our world’s go round, it takes a village. Mail carriers, nurses, teachers, crossing guards, contractors, hair stylists, nannies, and librarians are all folks who might be making a significant impact in our daily lives. The holiday season is the time to show that extra bit of gratitude to all of life’s helpers: here’s our list of gift ideas.

a bag of santa maria novella pot pourri is made up of leaves, roots, blossoms,  14
Above: A bag of Santa Maria Novella Pot Pourri is made up of leaves, roots, blossoms, and buds grown in the Tuscan hills and crafted in the same workshop for over three centuries; $35 at Alder & Co.

an updated version of the classic sänger hot water bottle, shown here in o 15
Above: An updated version of the classic Sänger Hot Water Bottle, shown here in orange, is useful as a bed warmer in winter months, in times of sickness, and for reducing muscle pain; $24 at Boston General Store.

curated by sisters laila and nadia gohar, the lemon squeezer fish is made of st 16
Above: Curated by sisters Laila and Nadia Gohar, the Lemon Squeezer Fish is made of stainless steel and designed for squeezing a single wedge of lemon at the table; $30 at Gohar.

a remodelista favorite, everyone could use an andrée jardin natural table  17
Above: A Remodelista favorite, everyone could use an Andrée Jardin Natural Table Brush and Dustpan Set; $55 at Andrée Jardin.

from whole leaf and flower tea company erda, the mt. olympus tea is made up of  18
Above: From whole leaf and flower tea company Erda, the Mt. Olympus Tea is made up of the spring and summer harvests of Grecian Ironwort, a spear-shaped flower with a sage, celery, and salty lemon flavor; $36 for the bag at Erda.

a set of handmade salsa, the classic three set salsa, from tienda salsita inclu 19
Above: A set of handmade salsa, the Classic Three Set Salsa, from Tienda Salsita includes Salsa de Corazón (low spice), Salsa Chile Morita (medium spice), and Salsa Chile de Árbon (hot spice); $38 at Tienda Salsita.

made by fog linen work for nalata nalata, the rose crochet coaster is hand croc 20
Above: Made by Fog Linen Work for Nalata Nalata, the Rose Crochet Coaster is hand-crocheted in natural linen for $16 each at Nalata Nalata. A pair of coasters makes a nice (and still affordable) gift.