Hear This: Baux of Sweden Makes Acoustic Paneling from Natural, Biodegradable Materials

Noise annoys. And it’s unavoidable: my own thoughts right now are being drowned out by the whine of a leaf blower that ought to be illegal. How to muffle the din? Of late, we’ve been heartened to discover acoustic tile that’s not only presentable but made of natural, biodegradable materials.

Archisonic of Switzerland, for instance, uses felt (composed of plastic water bottles) and cotton that’s fully recyclable to create ceiling baffles and wall panels. The UK’s Wood Veneer Hub produces Acoustic Slat Panels that look like pale wood paneling and have sound-absorbing capabilities. And Baux of Stockholm, spotlighted here, wins the beauty prize for its geometric and colorful noise-canceling offerings composed entirely of renewable materials. It’s newly available in the US. Come take a look.

Photography courtesy of Baux (@bauxdesign).

baux’s sound absorbing pulp panels come in three origami inspired p 14
Above: Baux’s sound-absorbing Pulp Panels come in three origami-inspired patterns, which are combined here. They’re composed entirely of bio-based materials, including wood cellulose, potato starch, wheat, and plant-derived wax.

Several sustainability minded Swedish designers teamed up to launch Baux including the founding partners of Form Us With Love and the founder of Hem Design Studio.

the company’s offerings are primarily put to work in commercial set 15
Above: The company’s offerings are primarily put to work in commercial settings, such as hotels and restaurants, but can also be used at home. This Pulp Tile pattern is called Origami Pulse.

baux’s acoustic wood wool tiles are not only sound absorbing but he 16
Above: Baux’s Acoustic Wood Wool Tiles are not only sound absorbing but heat regulating (they store ambient heat and emit it when temperatures fall), fireproof, and recyclable.

Above: The Pulp Panels newly come in five pastels Baux calls Bio Colours that are taken from classic Swedish architecture.

a subtle combination of acoustic pulp panels in bio rose red and bio rose clay. 18
Above: A subtle combination of Acoustic Pulp Panels in Bio Rose Red and Bio Rose Clay.

walls lined with a mix of wood wool panels—baux offers a library of 600  19
Above: Walls lined with a mix of Wood Wool Panels—Baux offers a library of 600 suggested patterns. Wood wool ceiling panels and felt floor dividers are also available. 

The company typically sells to architects and designs but not exclusively. For more information, including pricing, sample requests, and installation details, go to Baux.

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