As Calming as Candlelight: Table Lamps, Pendants, and More from Flame of Japan

For tranquility at home, Kenichi Kandatsu recommends allowing some darkness to descend. “Rather than simply reproducing daytime light at night,” the lighting designer advises, “try imagining a light that will help you relax as you look back on your day.”

Not surprisingly, a kinder, gentler light is what Kandatsu aims for in all of his designs at Flame, his quietly arresting collection of household lamps, pendant lights, and sconces, all made in Japan and evocative of more dimly lit times.

We’ve been fans for years—see A Japanese Lighting Company Embraces the Dark Side. And though the Flame collection is currently only available in Japan—head’s up: the company is currently looking for overseas partners—we often turn to its creations and the settings they’re presented  in for jolts of inspiration. “Lights in everyday life can be like candles,” Kandatsu says. “Shadows bring out the presence of things.” Here, a look at Flame’s latest.

Photography courtesy of Flame.

the knopf clip on light is made of aluminum that “gains favor as yo 14
Above: The Knopf clip-on light is made of aluminum that “gains favor as you use it.”  Flame’s lights are made for use with traditional incandescent bulbs but are LED compatible.

Writes Kandatsu: “I often see fluorescent ceiling lights illuminating the room more than necessary. If you compare it to food, it’s similar to the situation where you get used to a very strong flavor and can’t taste the delicate flavors of the ingredients. I think people should choose lighting that brings peace and comfort.”

a baba glass pendant in hand blown milk glass with brass fittings and a tw 15
Above: A Baba Glass pendant in hand-blown milk glass with brass fittings and a twisted cloth cord. Kandatsu’s rule of thumb: “As long as you have the necessary light where you need it, that is enough.”