Jess Wheeler’s Everlasting Sculptures, Inspired by Ivy, Oak, and the Kitchen Garden

Jess frequently collaborates with private clients, including the interior designers Barlow & Barlow, John Derian, and Summerill & Bishop, on bespoke, site-specific works. The studio is currently making a chandelier for an iconic restaurant in London: “a winding, delicate oak branch wrapped in hand-cut brass oak leaves.” A bronze furniture collection is also in development for 2024.

Before then, there’s the holiday season, and the studio is busy making a new collection of tableware and handmade decorations “all designed to transcend the season and be loved all year round.”

jess’s brass christmas decorations on red ribbon: alchemilla, holly 24
Above: Jess’s brass Christmas decorations on red ribbon: Alchemilla, Holly, and Ivy (£20 each).

the studio’s brass napkin rings (£20 each). 25
Above: The studio’s brass napkin rings (£20 each).
jess’s plaster cast leaf decorations (£35 each) are cast from  26
Above: Jess’s plaster cast leaf decorations (£35 each) are cast from a range of local leaves, including Chestnut, Piggyback, Mulberry, Ivy Birdsfoot, Hibiscus, Oak, and Cabbage.

The shifting seasons remain a constant source of inspiration for Jess. “Daily, I bring pieces of my garden, the hills, and forests back to my workshop and imagine translating these natural forms into sculptural lighting, candlesticks, and sculptural objects,” she says. “Outside is an abundant resource which is forever changing; I will never grow tired of it. I aim for my work to illustrate the fragility of the natural world and to encourage a change in perspective of my subject matter.”

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