Mylands: Plant-Based Emulsion Paint, Made from Olive Stones

Revered across the ages, the olive tree is rich in cultural and religious meaning the world over. Its silver-green branches are proffered as a sign of friendship and are imprinted in our collective memory as a symbol of peace. Whether conjuring up images of sun-drenched groves in ancient landscapes, bountiful harvests, or delicious dishes cooked in liquid gold, the olive tree is universally viewed as a source of goodness, abundance, and longevity.

Understandably, thanks to the many health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, there’s no shortage of demand for the ancestral ‘super’ olive. Oil production has grown into a global agri-food industry, and its uses are ever-expanding into cosmetology, pharmacology, textiles, and beyond. And in its wake lie a slew of byproducts. Millions of tons of leaves, stones, water, and pomace residue are discarded every year, prompting a wealth of new research and experimentation to both minimize waste and maximize resources.

Established in 1884, Britain’s oldest family-owned and -run paint and polishes manufacturer Mylands is wholly committed to reducing its impact on the planet through innovation and choice of ingredients. As the last remaining London paintmaker, still proudly based in Lambeth, the House of Colour is “famed from film sets to palaces.” Decorating homes around the world, Mylands is the preferred paint brand of the British film, TV, and theatre industry and was awarded a royal warrant for its expert knowledge, dedication and craftsmanship in 1985.

The company’s business ethics are rooted in five generations of family values, with enduring excellence and sustainability at the core. Over the past 12 years Mylands has worked to reduce the amount of chemicals and microplastics used in its paints and firmly intends to “always prioritize products and people above marketing and profits.”

Ecological transition is an ongoing process. One of Mylands’ major steps towards an eco-friendly paint catalogue was to embrace the power of plants. Let’s take a closer look at its plant-based range and exciting new Olive Stone Emulsion.

Photography courtesy of Mylands.

mylands olive stone emulsion paint in long acre no. 102. 14
Above: Mylands Olive Stone Emulsion Paint in Long Acre No. 102.

the color cornhill no. 128. 15
Above: The color Cornhill No. 128.