Required Reading: ‘Country Life: Homes of the Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley,’ by William Abranowicz

Veteran architectural photographer William Abranowicz’s latest book, Country Life: Homes of the Catskill Mountains and Hudson Valley (Vendome), explores 20 distinctive period and contemporary residences located amid the natural beauty of Upstate New York. Featured projects range from the historic houses of Thomas Cole and Frederic Church—quintessential landscape painters of the Hudson River School— to the characterful dwellings of local artists, architects, writers, museum curators, dancers, photographers, antiques dealers, and more.

Abranowicz opens the book with the home of celebrated architect Alan Wanzenberg, a friend and colleague, and his partner, landscape architect Peter Kelly.

Join us for a tour:

wanzenberg upstate abranowicz 14
Above: Wanzenberg created a trio of small cabins connected by a wooden walkway and fashioned from pre-cut elements from Shelter-Kit.

alan wanzenberg william abranowicz 1
Above:  “After years spent studying the property’s topography, views, and nature, Alan built the three cabins around a waterfall,” writes Abranowicz. “I’ve witnessed the way Alan designs in concert with the landscape to establish a deep connection to encourage a deep connection with the world itself.”

wanzenberg taghanic upstate abranowicz
Above: Light floods the interiors via strategically placed windows.

wanzenberg taghanic upstate 3
Above: The living area features Wanzenberg’s signature eclectic touch.

wanzenberg taghanic upstate 7
Above: A collection of objets on display in a corner of the living area.

wanzenberg upstate abranowicz 20
Above: The interiors of one of the cabins is painted a vibrant red.

wanzenberg upstate abranowicz 2
Above: A abstract looped-wire sculpture by Ruth Asawa anchors a quiet corner.

wanzenberg taghanic upstate 4
Above: The dining area offers sweeping views of the surrounding landscape.

wanzenberg upstate abranowicz 11
Above: The kitchen features an installation of colorful tiles; note the built-in shelf in the backsplash for cookbooks.

wanzenberg upstate abranowicz
Above: More colorful tiles in a washing-up corner.

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