DIY Macrame Curtain: Erica Tanov’s “Touch of Hippie” Solution for a Doorless Closet

How to make a doorless closet look good? For those of us with neo-sixties leanings, Bay Area cult fashion designer Erica Tanov has an easy, inexpensive answer.

Erica has been creating inspired rooms for years: her book, Design By Nature: Creating Layered, Lived-In Spaces, and bedding collection are longstanding Remodelista favorites. For a few lucky clients, she takes on interiors commissions—
in this case, a friend needed help pulling together the parlor floor of her Edwardian house in Berkeley.

Erica’s artful solution for an open utility closet that “needed some kind of coverage”? A macrame curtain that she DIYed herself: “I wanted something functional yet beautiful, mixing refinement with a touch of hippie.”

We spotted the project on Instagram and asked Erica to fill us in.

Photographs courtesy of Erica Tanov (@ericatanov).


The Curtain in Progress

after hanging the curtain rod, erica looped on lengths of rope cut to puddle so 14
Above: After hanging the curtain rod, Erica looped on lengths of rope cut to puddle so the final design is floor length.

a still from a video of erica at work. she used a stool to reach the curtain to 15
Above: A still from a video of Erica at work. She used a stool to reach the curtain top.