10 Easy Pieces: Front-Loading Dryers

Recently we rolled out our lineup of favorite front-loading washing machines. Now, our top picks in the dryer category.

Dryers haven’t changed all that much over the years; they still perform a relatively simple function. The primary differences in the new models are the energy source (gas vs. electric) and a handful of features that are worthy of consideration: steam technology, moisture sensors, and vent block sensors.

Truth be told, most dryer purchases are driven by the washing machine selection. While washers and dryers don’t have to be purchased as a pair, that’s what most people do. Manufacturers have gotten wise and are designing matching washer/dryer combos to encourage consumers to purchase in pairs (and keep in mind that dryers are stackable only with the matching washer).

Trying to keep the cost down? Consider selecting a white machine (there is up to a $100 premium for colors) and foregoing the steam option (there is debate whether steam technology actually translates into fewer wrinkles as manufacturers claim). Also, electric dryers are cheaper and depending on your electricity source (solar vs grid), can be a more environmentally-conscious choice.

NB: While the models shown are electric, they are all available in gas option.

the lg electric smart dryer (dlex6700b) with a capacity of 7.4 cubic feet featu 14
Above: The LG Electric Smart Dryer (DLEX6700B) with a capacity of 7.4 cubic feet features 23 dryer cycles including wrinkle care and steam settings; $1,195 at AJ Madison.
the simple and more affordable lg stackable smart electric dryer with steam (64 15
Above: The simple and more affordable LG Stackable Smart Electric Dryer with Steam (6419627) has a 7.4 cubic foot capacity; $849.99 at Best Buy.
the lg 9 cubic feet stackable smart electric dryer (6492270) can fit both a k 16
Above: The LG 9 Cubic Feet Stackable Smart Electric Dryer (6492270) can fit both a king-size comforter and bedding in a single load. The dryer features a fabric sensor sensing the volume and weight of each unique laundry load, wrinkle care options, and a reversible door; $1,999.99 at Best Buy.
the samsung bespoke large capacity electric dryer in brushed navy (1657832070 17
Above: The Samsung Bespoke Large Capacity Electric Dryer in Brushed Navy (1657832070251) features an optimal dry and super speed dry setting and a 7.6 cubic foot drum; $1,390.10 at AJ Madison.
manufactured in ohio by whirlpool, the maytag front load electric dryer (ymed56 18
Above: Manufactured in Ohio by Whirlpool, the Maytag Front Load Electric Dryer (YMED5630HW) features a quick dry cycle, 7.3 cubic foot drum, and an “extra power” button to dry thick fabrics, pockets, and hems; $1,049.99 at Maytag.
the compact bosch 300 series 24 inch electric dryer (wtg86403uc), julie’ 19
Above: The compact Bosch 300 Series 24 Inch Electric Dryer (WTG86403UC), Julie’s choice for her Brooklyn Heights remodel, has a smaller drum (4.0 cubic feet), but efficient drying with 15 available programs, and anti-vibration consideration; $1,149 at AJ Madison.