10 Easy Pieces: Front-Loading Washing Machines

When it comes to washing machines, are we biased? Yes. In our opinion, front-loading washers are it. Here are our 10 picks.

In the years since we last reported on front-loading washers, manufacturers have tackled the one big issue that plagued the machines: mold and mildew from standing water. They took the issue head on and created anti-bacterial surfaces, improved water drainage, and developed automatic door-propping devices. With that issue fixed and entry-level pricing at more affordable levels, what is there not to like about front-loading washing machines? They offer superior cleaning with far less water than the best top-loaders. They accommodate larger loads and achieve better moisture extraction in the spin cycle, which means shorter (and less costly) drying times. And they can either be put side-by-side or stacked with a dryer to save space.

We’ve researched the current market offerings of primarily full-sized (typically 27-inches wide) washers and used reviews, personal experience, and consults with appliance repair and sales experts to narrow our picks. All the offerings are Energy Star certified, have stainless steel drums, glass doors, and can be installed side-by-side or stacked for flexibility.

Have a front-loading washer you love? Share your experience in the comments below.

(OK, we admit it, there is a downside: having to stoop down to access the machine. An accessory worth considering is a laundry pedestal with a drawer that raises your washer off of the floor to eliminate stooping and provide storage space for detergents or other laundry tools.)

lg front loading machines have the best repair record on the market. the lg fro 14
Above: LG front loading machines have the best repair record on the market. The LG Front Load Smart Washer (WM6700HBA) offers a 5.0-cubic-foot capacity stainless steel drum, 25 wash cycles, and a steam option. We like LG’s door plunger feature that secures the door in a slightly open position when not in use to allow the interior to dry and stay mold and mildew free. The machine is $1,195 at AJ Madison.

the entry level lg front load washer (wm3400cw) has a slightly smaller drum (4. 15
Above: The entry-level LG Front Load Washer (WM3400CW) has a slightly smaller drum (4.5 cubic feet) and eight wash cycles; $745 at AJ Madison.

what do you get with the top of the line lg washer? the lg turbowash series 29 16
Above: What do you get with the top-of-the-line LG washer? The LG Turbowash Series 29-Inch Smart Front Load Washer (WM8900HBA) has a 5.2-cubic-foot capacity drum (to get that capacity, the washer measures 29 inches, 2 inches wider than the standard washer size). It offers 12 wash programs, a TubroWash feature, a fabric sensor sensing the volume and weight of each unique laundry load, steam options, and the ability to control your washer from your smart phone. The washer is $1,195 at AJ Madison.

the samsung bespoke 27 inch front load smart washer (wf46bb6700ad) has 4.6 cub 17
Above: The Samsung Bespoke 27 Inch Front Load Smart Washer (WF46BB6700AD) has 4.6 cubit feet capacity, 24 wash cycles, steam capability, and antimicrobial technology; $1,165 at Appliances Connection.

manufactured in ohio by whirlpool, the maytag 27 inch front load smart washer  18
Above: Manufactured in Ohio by Whirlpool, the Maytag 27 Inch Front Load Smart Washer (MHW8630HW) has a 4.5-cubic-foot capacity, cold or hot water stain removal capability, a steam option, and wrinkle control features; $749 at Maytag. Looking to buy “local”? See our round-up of 13 American-Made Appliances, from Countertop Mixers to Ranges to Refrigerators.