5 Favorites: Artfully Embellished Paper Globe Lanterns

Noticed lately: simple Noguchi-esque lamps made fancy with tassels or with hand-painted watercolor motifs. Here’s a roundup:

dbo brooklyn noguchi lantern tassle
Above: Our friends Bretaigne Walliser and Thom Dalmas of architecture firm DBo added a festive note to an otherwise austere dining room with a tasseled Noguchi lantern.

flora lantern charlap hyman 1
Above: The hand-painted Flora Lantern by artist Pilar Almon features a variety of sea life and an antique tassel; available from Charlap Hyman & Herrero, a Los Angeles/New York architecture and design firm.

splash lantern ditte maigaard
Above: A trio of watercolor-splashed paper globe lanterns by Danish textile and product designer Ditte Maigaard, who runs the Ditte Maigaard Studio. For more, see our post DIY: Watercolor Japanese Lantern.

noguchi lantern with beads tassel
Above: A lightweight paper lantern with silk tassels, beads, and a wooden ball spotted on Pinkoi.

5 Favorites Artfully Embellished Paper Globe Lanterns portrait 6_30
Above: Etsy maker NaturlampenDresden makes delicate tissue paper globe lanterns adorned with leaves, petals, grasses, ferns, and other natural findings.

For more on Noguchi lanterns, see:

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Frequently asked questions

What are Paper Globe Lanterns?

Paper Globe Lanterns are decorative lanterns made from paper, typically in the shape of a globe. They are often embellished with artful designs and patterns.

Where can I buy Paper Globe Lanterns?

You can buy Paper Globe Lanterns from various online retailers or specialty stores that sell home decor items. The Remodelista website provides a link to purchase the lanterns featured in their article.

What are some recommended artfully embellished Paper Globe Lanterns?

The Remodelista article recommends five different artfully embellished paper globe lanterns. These include the Maru Japanese Paper Globe Lantern, the Liberty Print Paper Globe Lantern, the Cloud Lantern in Indigo, the Moon Lamp by Nathalie Lete, and the Paper Globe Lantern by Wild and Wolf.

Can I use Paper Globe Lanterns outdoors?

It depends on the specific lantern and its materials. Some paper globe lanterns are designed for outdoor use and are weather-resistant, while others may not be suitable for prolonged exposure to the elements. It is always recommended to check the product description or contact the manufacturer for details on outdoor usage.

Are Paper Globe Lanterns suitable for indoor use only?

Paper Globe Lanterns can be used both indoors and outdoors, depending on the specific lantern and its intended purpose. They can be hung in living rooms, bedrooms, outdoor patios, or even used as decorative elements for special events such as weddings or parties.

Are the lanterns featured in the article electric or candle-powered?

The article does not specify if the featured lanterns are electric or candle-powered. It is recommended to refer to the product description or contact the manufacturer for information on the specific power source used in each lantern.

What is the average price range for Paper Globe Lanterns?

The price range for Paper Globe Lanterns can vary depending on the brand, size, materials, and design intricacy. Generally, they can be found in the range of $10 to $50 per lantern.

Are replacement parts available for Paper Globe Lanterns?

The availability of replacement parts for Paper Globe Lanterns depends on the manufacturer and the specific lantern model. It is recommended to contact the manufacturer or check their website for information regarding replacement parts.

Can I hang Paper Globe Lanterns from a ceiling?

Yes, Paper Globe Lanterns are often designed to be hung from ceilings or other overhead structures. They typically come with a loop or string for easy hanging.

Are Paper Globe Lanterns safe to leave unattended?

It is generally not recommended to leave any type of lantern, including paper globe lanterns, unattended for extended periods. If using candle-powered lanterns, it is important to ensure candles are extinguished before leaving them unattended to prevent fire hazards. Electric lanterns should be turned off when not in use for safety reasons.