DIY Rajasthani Jharokha wall decor from Old books | Home decor craft ideas

DIY Rajasthani Jharokha designs from Old books | Home decor craft ideas | Krishna Janmashtami craft ideas

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Materials required:
1) old books cover hard Cardboard
2) Cardboard roll
3) silicone moulds (the links to buy is given below)
4) homemade chalk paint ( Tutorial link given below)
5) metallic colors
6) Old invitation / wedding cards

Click below links for moulds👇


fevicryl mouldit clay 👇

Homemade air-dry clay/paper clay/wall putty dough:

Clay for Lippan art /Homemade mouldit clay:

Low cost homemade paper clay :

HOMEMADE clay for sculpturing and jewellery making:👇

Homemade gesso recipe:

Homemade 3D outliner:

Homemade chalk paint:

Glue gun👇

Glue sticks 👇

Buy here 👇
Cake decorating tools/clay modelling tools:


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