Object of Desire: French Linen Sofa Toppers (in 10 Hues)

A stop this summer into Hundred Acres in Camden, Maine—impeccably arranged with some familiar favorites (Utilitario Mexicano dish cloths; splatterware bowls)—also introduced me to some new ones, like household linens from French co. Maison Masarin. And because, like most of us on the Remodelista team, I am ever in search of good-looking ways to save the sofa, I couldn’t help but covet their linen toppers:

maison masarin, helmed by michèle masarin, comes out of a love for raw mat 14
Above: Maison Masarin, helmed by Michèle Masarin, comes out of a love for raw materials and their colors. “Our ambition is to revive these items to give them a role in our everyday lives,” reads their Manifest.

“The raw linen sofa cover is made of French naturally embossed linen,” according to the makers. “Its texture, obtained by simple washing, gives it both a softness and a roughness specific to this fiber. Its edges are slightly fringed to appreciate the natural aspect of this material.” Linen is also cool in summer and warm in winter, they note—ideal for the most popular seat in the house.

Above: The Sofa Cover is available in ten hues, from neutral to vibrant, including dark Carbone, rusty-pink Poudre, simple white, and Verveine (left) and Naturel (right). Each is €119.

For more, head to Maison Masarin (and Hundred Acres, too).

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