Afro Boho Teen Girl Bedroom – Design Potential S1 Ep2 | How to Maximize the Potential in Any Room

“Design Potential” is THE home decorating and design show for you if sometimes you look at your room and think… just throw the whole room away! LOL!

In this episode, I show you how I maximized the potential of a narrow converted attic and turned it into an Afro Boho Teen Girl Bedroom. I also get wild and adventurous and show you every teen girls dream for her bedroom… a budget friendly mock canopy with fairy lights and ivy. In Ep1 I show you the step by step process to create your own mock canopy!
Here’s the link – Episode 1 – How to Make a Mock Canopy with Fairy Lights –

Trust me, every room has great design potential and I’m going to help you become way more confident transforming your home like a pro!

This is a great DIY project that can be temporary or permanent. When you’re no longer feeling the vibe you can easily change it up!

In each episode I share the 5 key areas you should give your attention to maximize any room in your home. You’ll walk away with inspiration, motivation and way more confidence to refresh your space the custom on a budget way!

Every episode has easy simple tips that you can use when designing and decorating your own home.

No-Nail Teen Girl Bedroom Art –
Sheer Curtains –
Ivy –
Fairy Lights –
Industrial Staple Gun –
Girlie Tool Kit –

How to Create an Afro Boho Accent Wall –

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Denise Joy
Interior Designer
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