Leva Husfabrik: Flat-Pack Prefab Summerhouses from Sweden

Our resident Swede, Izabella Simmons, first came across Leva Kungslador in Visby, Sweden, a few years ago, when the shop/gallery/bakery had just started producing prefab housing. The company, Leva Husfabrik, has since expanded operations, offering prefabs ranging from 270 square feet to multiroom residences over 1,000 square feet. The idea is to offer sustainably produced wood-frame houses for a modern holiday home, affordable permanent residence, artist studio, or versatile backyard office. Good news if you’re in Sweden. As for the rest of us, we’ll have to wait for a Leva-like option to come stateside. Here’s a look (and for more information, visit Leva Husfabrik).

 leva offers a variety of options: enterprising clients can assemble the h 14
Above: Leva offers a variety of options: Enterprising clients can assemble the home themselves, hire an approved contractor, or purchase full turnkey houses. The building package includes solid wood frames, wood floors, insulation, windows, doors, facade, roofing, roof drainage, interior walls, interior doors, and hardware.

 the wood used in leva houses is manufactured with an energy efficient pro 15
Above: The wood used in Leva houses is manufactured with an energy-efficient process and is hygroscopic, which means it minimizes humidity.

one of the leva husfabrik model kitchens featuring towel bar like hardware as d 16
Above: One of the Leva Husfabrik model kitchens featuring towel-bar-like hardware as drawer pulls. For more, see Design Sleuth: Towel Bars as Drawer Pulls.