Currently Coveting: The Simplest of Curtains for Summer Days

The first item on the agenda when my partner and I moved into our new house? Take down the bulky shades that covered a third of each window even when they weren’t pulled down. Realistically, though, we do need some kind of covering (our neighbors are close by).

In search of unfussy, unobtrusive options, I stumbled on these simple cloths on Pinterest—an elegant, airy riff on the tea-towel-as-window-cover idea.

Have a look.

these handwoven organic cotton cafe curtains are made by the weaving co. kutch  14
Above: These handwoven organic cotton cafe curtains are made by the weaving co. Kutch Ji Chhap in Gujarat, India. The Organic Cotton Cafe Curtain with Inlay, shown here, is made from “natural unbleached white colored fabric with a indigo blue woven inlay design.” Kutch Ji Chhap’s curtains are available for $44.50 each via Cultural Cloth in Wisconsin.

the organic cotton golden cafe curtain with inlay is “a golden whea 15
Above: The Organic Cotton Golden Cafe Curtain with Inlay is “a golden wheat-colored fabric with a white woven inlay design. This gauzy fabric allows just the right amount of light through,” according to Cultural Cloth.

and the organic cotton blue cafe curtain with inlay has an indigo hue. 16
Above: And the Organic Cotton Blue Cafe Curtain with Inlay has an indigo hue.

For more simple window coverings, might we suggest:

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