Laid-Back Living | 9 Insider Design Tips for a Calm & Relaxed Home

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Welcome back to Suzie Anderson Home,

Today we are sharing our ideas for creating a laid-back interior that is comfortable, beautiful, and serene. .

0:00 Introduction
0:15 Neutral Colour Palette
2:10 Comfortable Furniture
4:13 Plush Textures
5:57 Natural Materials
8:25 Living Energy
10:10 Decor
12:01 Artwork
13:16 Clutter-Free Living
14:41 Soft Lighting
16:20 Outro

Music: Epidemic Sound
Wendi Marcini: When the sun comes
Hara Noda: Thread
Vendla: I love your both
Valtar Novak: Dark Matter
Christophe Gorman: Candlelight

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