The Campbell Collection: Textiles for All Over the Cottage

The Campbell Collection is a cottage industry specializing in cushions, quilts, tablecloths, and fabric for cozy quarters. It’s the brainchild of Emma Campbell, who, after studying textile design at Central Saint Martins and Edinburgh College of Art, set out to create a housewares brand that celebrates the handmade. She enlisted her husband, Tim Campbell, who is the sales director of a software company by day, to serve as the company “business brains.” From the couple’s home base in Bath, England, Emma has her hand in all else, and works with skilled artisans in Jaipur and other parts of India.

“Our mission is to help support the livelihoods of craftspeople in India,” she writes. “We hope to have an ongoing positive social impact, creating employment and helping to preserve traditional craft techniques.” The Campbell Collection’s block-printed and embroidered results are just right for summer retreats, but also at home in a range of settings, as Emma, the in-house stylist, playfully demonstrates. Come see.

Photography by Hana Snow, courtesy of The Campbell Collection (@thecampbellcollection).

a sampling of the campbell collection quilts and cushions in a vintage ambassad 14
Above: A sampling of The Campbell Collection quilts and cushions in a vintage Ambassador sedan overlooking the Amber Fort in Jaipur, home base of Craft Boat, the company that connects Emma to the artisans she works with. The quilts and cushions are hand stitched and embroidered by a women’s collective. Find portraits and bios of the people behind the product here.

sanjina cushions are made of hand embroidered organic cotton and come in two sh 15
Above: Sanjina cushions are made of hand-embroidered organic cotton and come in two shapes and three colors; £88 and £85. Round Mukesh cushions are organic linen with contrasting “extra fine piping”; £94. The organic linen used here as curtains and a seat cover is Flower Pot, the collection’s “first foray with florals.”