Quiet Luxury Style For Summer: Your Guide to Stylish Linen Fashion

Starting with a blank canvas such as linen can be hard, so here is a guide to help you when shopping for stylish linen fashion.

The Versatility of Linen

When worn suitably, linen is an effortless textile that can make you look polished with no harsh lines in sight. Its delicate structure can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Take this Brixton Floral print Linen Blend Dress as an example…

For that summer wedding invitation taped to your fridge, just pair it with closed-toe block heels, a clutch, and a set of dangly earrings.

Or for your friend’s casual birthday picnic, a set of raffia sandals, a large tote, and a cute sun visor to block out the ray.

From casual outings to formal events, stylish linen fashion embodies the effortless elegance of quiet luxury fashion.

Essential Linen Pieces for a Summer Wardrobe

With summer upon us and temperatures rising, fashion priorities start to shift. Cool and comfortable over style and sophistication. But there is no reason to compromise. Linen is the “just right” fabric for the summer.

Linen gives you refined breathability. Considered a “stiff” fabric, linen doesn’t cling to your skin. Its highly absorbent nature takes in any moisture and dries off quickly with the help of the wind, keeping you fresh. Not to mention, if you burn easily then head-to-toe linen is the way to go. Cool and covered.

Its relaxed style and fit are suited for every summer body. A practical and versatile textile, there is a cut of linen for every body type. When shopping keep in mind what you need to get out of your clothing. Movement and flexibility: a breezy linen pant. Support and cover: a soft linen top. Open and flowy: a roomy linen dress. Classy and smart: a crisp linen blazer.

Styling Tips and Trends

Since linen is a natural fabric, other natural materials such as cotton, denim, wool, and silk complement it very well. If you are looking to accessorize, textiles like wood, rope, and leather look great against linen.

A raffia tote or a crocheted handbag can soften a summer linen outfit. While a leather clutch or crossbody bag brings more structure.

The basic styles and cuts of linen are always essential, but fashion is all about having fun. So a cute and flirty two-piece set could be a great way to alternate looks. Step-in linen rompers are an easy way to shorten your get-ready process in the morning.

Sustainable and Ethical Linen Fashion

Made from the flax plant, linen is one of the most sustainable fabrics you can choose for your wardrobe. Less irrigation and energy is required to produce the fabric making it a very environmentally conscious fabric choice.

Linen is also incredibly long-lasting when it is properly taken care of. If your linen pieces ever need a clean, a cold cycle in the wash with a mild detergent should do the trick. Linen’s long lifespan reduces overbuying and less waste. Again, making it a great sustainable fabric choice.

Pressed or wrinkled. Linen is rather self-indulgent. It does not scream expense as some fashion does. Linen whispers in luxury. It is the base of a summer wardrobe. Linen for summer is leisure that is subtle exclusivity.

The styling possibilities of linen may be overwhelming, so if you are just starting out there is no need to get ahead of yourself. A top or two to begin and see where stylish linen fashion can take you. For those more experienced in the quiet luxury of linen, comment on your favorite ways to style a summer linen outfit.

Happy shopping!