How to Decorate BALI RESORT STYLE | Our Top 10 Interior Design Tips

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Design Spotlight: Bali Resort Style

Welcome back to Suzie Anderson Home,

Today we are sharing our ideas for decorating Bali resort-style interiors. Bali holds a special place among my favourite destinations, as it has become a boundless source of both inspiration and relaxation for me.
Learn how to recreate the Bali resort-style look in your own home with our step-by-step styling video.

The article:

0:00 Introduction
1:02 Colour Palette
2:02 Architectural Features
4:48 Flooring
6:41 Lighting
7:48 Window Treatments
8:49 Furniture
10:52 Texture and Materials
12:25 Art and Mirrors
14:28 Accessories
16:22 Living Energy
18:54 Outro
19:13 Bonus Footage

Music: Epidemic Sound
Daniel Kaede: A Subtle Reflection
Colors of Illusion: Still Sleeping
Just Normal: Bluish
Jobi: Turquoise Daydream
Colors of Illusion: Sunny Patterns

Interior Styling Quiz:

How to Decorate BALI RESORT STYLE | Our Top 10 Interior Design Tips

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