Simple Summer Home Decorate With Me | Decorating Ideas 2023 | Living it Country

Hey Friends! In today’s video we are doing some picking up of our home, putting away things where they belong and my favorite part….decorating!!!! Thank you to Dreame Tech for Sponsoring a portion of today’s video use my promo code “D10PLUSHA” to get 10% off of your order! Click this link to check out the D10 Plus – Because of this, I can focus less on the vacuuming and more on the decorating with the Dreame Bot D10 Plus. I really hope you enjoy today’s video because these next few weeks, you will be seeing a few! Let me know what you did this weekend in the comments below! Would love to chat with you. We went and saw the new Spiderman and my kiddos loved it!

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Thank you @DreameTech for Sponsoring a portion of today’s video!