5 Favorites: Tamegroute Ceramics from Morocco

A while back, we stumbled on richly green ceramic candleholders, bowls, and vases on Etsy, and quickly were mesmerized by the verdant glazes, so deep and varied it seemed as though each piece was a study of the color green. As it turns out, that deep green hue is singular—absolutely unique—to a generations-old tradition and to the place that the pieces are made: Tamegroute, Morocco, in the Draa River Valley, bordering the Sahara Desert.

“Tamegroute pottery is the only Moroccan pottery to produce green enamel inherited from the tradition of Fez,” according to Morocco-based Tamegroute Ceramic. “The raw material consists essentially of clay, which remains a secret of color.”

we’ve been spotting tamegroute ceramics in interiors recently. spie 14
Above: We’ve been spotting tamegroute ceramics in interiors recently. Spied, at right, at One, Two, Three Minimalist Guesthouses on the Coast of Portugal (Pools Included): a green tamegroute candleholder.

“Tamegroute is home to seven families of artisans who have been practicing pottery for centuries, passing down techniques and secret alchemy recipes from generation to generation,” The NoPo reports. “The artisans of Tamegroute source all their raw, natural materials from the surrounding areas around the village. Clay is collected from nearby palm groves by digging deep holes in the ground…Palm tree branches are used as fuel for the stone kiln.”

The vibrant green hue is a matter of alchemy. “The signature green glaze, a secret mixture passed on from generation to generation, contains a particular type of rock found in local mines a few hundred kilometers away and undisclosed amounts of manganese, silica, cobalt, copper, and barley flour,” according to The NoPo. Once the mixture has thickened (for about a week), vessels are hand-dipped into it and then fired. “It is this firing process,” the NoPo adds, “that is thought to be key to the multi-shade green color that has yet to be replicated anywhere else in the world.”

Intrigued? Here are just a handful of tamegroute pieces we love.

Five to Buy

tamegroute candleholders are $30 from workshoppe chicago. 15
Above: Tamegroute Candleholders are $30 from Workshoppe Chicago.
when we ran a feature on tamegroute sun candleholder from nora kherredine objec 16
Above: When we ran a feature on Tamegroute Sun Candleholder from Nora Kherredine Objects (see: Shopper’s Diary: Singular Finds from Nora Khereddine Objects in Munich), we admired the shop’s collections of tamegroute pottery. The Tamegroute Sun Candleholder, with a typical sculptural silhouette, is €129.
tamegroute ceramics are plentiful on etsy. this is the handmade tamegroute gree 17
Above: Tamegroute ceramics are plentiful on Etsy. This is the handmade Tamegroute Green Salad Bowl from EthnicCraftsMorocco; prices start at $39.18.
the tamegroute twin candle holder is $127.04 from moroccan white in london o 18
Above: The Tamegroute Twin Candle Holder is $127.04 from Moroccan White in London on Etsy.

women owned shop souk & soul is based in dc and works directly with makers  19
Above: Women-owned shop Souk & Soul is based in DC and works directly with makers in Tamegroute to “provide ethically-sourced, responsibly-made goods from the artisans we work with in Morocco.” Shown is the Tamegroute Pottery Bowl; $72.

the large tamegroute candle holder is $55.86 from salam salam paris on etsy. 20
Above: The Large Tamegroute Candle Holder is $55.86 from Salam Salam Paris on Etsy.

and a glimpse of tamegroute ceramics in progress, spotted via souk & soul. 21
Above: And a glimpse of tamegroute ceramics in progress, spotted via Souk & Soul.

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