The Art of Airstream Living with Heidi Swanson of 101 Cookbooks

Heidi Swanson is a bestselling cookbook author and a tastemaker. A James Beard-award double winner who specializes in natural, plant-based vegetarian and vegan recipes, she gorgeously chronicles what comes out of her kitchen at 101 Cookbooks. We’re longtime fans, and it was on Heidi’s site that we first caught glimpses of her and her husband Wayne’s travels in their Airstream trailer. Next, Heidi presented “meal in a jar” and “just add water” recipes inspired by their roadtrips, but appealing to us for everyday.

“We’ve done plenty of camping in tents, in cars, and in our Airstream,” writes Heidi. “On the food front, the goal is always the same: delicious meals without a lot of fuss, gear, or cleanup, bonus points for being able to prep components ahead of time.” We needed to see and hear more. Heidi responded to our queries with a family photo album of trailer life and a slew of tips and tricks for tiny-space living. Summer, we’re now ready for you.

Photography by Heidi Swanson (@heidiswanson).

otherworldly joshua tree national park is one of the couple’s favor 14
Above: Otherworldly Joshua Tree National Park is one of the couple’s favorite places to park, especially in the fall when the temperature drops. Heidi and Wayne, a web developer, started Airstream shopping several years ago when they moved from San Francisco to LA. They found their 23-foot Globetrotter, a new model sold secondhand, and ever since have been setting off on monthly jaunts to explore their new surroundings.

Reports Heidi: “We were first going to buy a new, single-axel Airstream, but while that one was being built—it can take months—this one came up on the used market at A to Z Motors and we grabbed it. It’s larger than we had envisioned and has a double axel, which makes it trickier to tow, but it’s been great for us.” They park it 10 minutes from their house and tow it with their Ford F-150 pickup—”navigating through LA in seven lanes of traffic is not for the faint of heart. We’re basically the slowest thing on the road.”