“A Poem Written in Beeswax”: Hand-Dipped Candles by Alysia Mazzella

Alysia Mazzella tells her candle-making story this way:

“We began in 2017 with the hand-dipped taper. The heart of our studio is this big ol’ pot of molten beeswax. The scent of honey fills the air and wax touches everything.”

Six years later, she’s still hand-making candles in her small studio outbuilding in central New York from locally sourced beeswax. The candles themselves are intentionally simple, according to Alysia’s site: “Our work creatively reflects on time-honored candles that offer an intentional burn, the role of the firekeeper, and a regenerative relationship with the honeybee.”

Have a look.

Photography courtesy of Alysia Mazzella.

“beeswax candles have long been favored for sacred timekeeping and  14
Above: “Beeswax candles have long been favored for sacred timekeeping and a symbol of the eternal light,” according to Alysia’s site, and they offer a “luminous,” natural, air-purifying burn. Her Beeswax Tea Lights are a nod to Japanese tea ceremonies, “which use candlelight to warm the teapot and keep time”; $16 for a set of 12.
Above: Alysia takes a poetic approach to candlemaking. Her Fortune Tapers, wrapped with one-of-a-kind hand-typed notes, are $10 each.
the twin flame candle “is a poem written in beeswax,”  17
Above: The Twin Flame Candle “is a poem written in beeswax,” according to Alysia’s site; $27 for a set of two (though currently sold out).