6 Best-Selling Kitchen Appliances for the Modern Home

The Top Kitchen Appliances

1. Bosch 800 Series Refrigerator – $3,499

Discover the Bosch 800 refrigerator! The price option out of our selection, but definitely worth the investment. It’s a stunningly sleek and beautiful refrigerator that delivers both the modern style and functionality needed in a kitchen. This fridge operates with incredible quietness. There’s nothing worse than a loud and noisy appliance (UGH!). The only sounds you’ll hear are the gentle release of ice cubes and the soft flow of water. That’s how it should be! The lighting and layout of the fridge are perfectly designed, making everything easy to see at a glance. No more digging around in the dark back of the fridge! Plus, the fridge has two drawers with adjustable temperature and humidity controls, allowing you to keep your food fresh for longer. This fridge has 4.7 stars!

Customer’s Review on AJ Madison: “Even though appliance costs have gone up, this was a solid buy given the dual compressor setup and higher-end touches like soft close freezer door and unique ice shape.”

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2. LG French Door Refrigerator – On Sale $1,294 (17% off) 

This popular French door refrigerator has over 1000 reviews with an average of 4.5 stars! Why is it so great? The pullout drawer feature is wide enough to fit serving platters and all of your groceries. It’s very spacious, which makes it an essential appliance for a large family.

Customer’s Review on AJ Madison: “I just purchased this unit and it runs very quiet and it has quite a bit of space for items.”

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3. Samsung French Door Smart Refrigerator On Sale $1,294  (23% off)

This smart refrigerator has French doors for easy access to your freshly organized produce. It has 4.25-star reviews. It’s a smart and functional addition to any modern kitchen design.

Customer’s Review on AJ Madison: “This refrigerator fits nicely in our small kitchen. It is a good size for 1 or 2 people but would be too small for a large family. I love having the freezer on the bottom. It is easy to get to everything in the top refrigerator…I think if the freezer drawers would pull out a little more, I would have rated 5 stars.”

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4. KitchenAid Double Wall Oven – $4,139

5. ILVE Oven UPN76DMPILP – $3,599

The ILVE Appliances brand was born when Mr. Illotti and Mr. Berno designed beautiful appliances for local restaurants in Campodarsego, an Italian town near Venice. This oven is a stylish and elegant unit that’s easy to use and maintain. With its clean and sleek finish, this stove is a stunning addition to any modern kitchen. The center burner is a standout feature that adds both convenience and functionality to your cooking. This oven has over 4.5 stars!

Customer’s Review on Appliances Connection: “It’s only been a month since we bought the stove, but we are very happy with it. It has modern yet functional looks, cooks predictably, and was a great value. It looks much more expensive than the price I paid.”

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6. Frigidaire Freestanding Gas Range – On Sale $843 (20% off) 

Over 1600 reviews with an average of 4.7 stars, we are confident that this affordable stove has everything you need in your modern kitchen. The gas range is not only stylish but also easy to clean. The high-capacity oven can accommodate enough pans to feed a large gathering.

Customer’s Review on Appliances Connects: “This was a wonderful purchase. It really seems to offer my family endless possibilities and fit our budget. All in all, we have really enjoyed the process and the product.

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Share your favorite kitchen appliances in the comments! Do you have any regrets? Share your worst appliance purchase. Always interested to learn the good and the bad.