The Rise of Quiet Luxury: A Sophisticated Transition from Fashion to Home Decor

Adrian Gaut

How To Achieve A Cozy Minimalist Home

Despite what some may believe, simplifying a design is not always the easiest option. In fact, removing extraneous elements can leave more room for mistakes and criticism. Simplicity can be quite a challenge for interior design. It requires self-discipline and approaching every detail with consideration. Every piece of furniture, home decor, and paint color should serve a purpose. If it doesn’t, then get rid of it.  Minimalistic home decor is about neutral colors and natural materials.

The bedroom above, designed by Jordan Carlyle, is a beautiful example of quiet luxury in interior design. The bedroom features The choices of furniture help create a serene atmosphere. The light and airy bed with Hermitage Mohair Fawn fabric by Joseph Noble, Studio Giancarlo Valle’s Side Tables, and a  Jebara & Co ombré rug brings the room together. The lounge chair and ottomans, sourced from 1940s Denmark, add to the room’s understated aesthetic. Achieving profound simplicity can be the most challenging aspect of the creative process. However, when done right… it can be breathtakingly beautiful!

Adrian Gaut

What Are The Best Brands To Shop Quiet Luxury Home Decor?

Thanks to social media, there is a rise in accessible resources and sustainable home decor. Shoppers are more knowledgeable about seeking quality products to achieve the minimalistic home look their desire. This quiet luxury trend is just the beginning, so it’s time to figure out the best brands to shop for quiet luxury and minimalistic furniture.

Quiet Luxury Furniture Brands

Shoppers may consider brands like Lulu and Georgia, Scout and Nimble, One Kings Lane, Jayson Home, and Crate & Barrel, which offer stylish and sophisticated home decor options that prioritize quality and longevity.

COCOCOZY Team Pick: Kearms Square Burl Wood Coffee Table – $2,198

Minimalistic Home Decor

Discover stylish and cozy home decor that will fulfill the quiet luxury style that you’re searching for at Target, Banana Republic Home, Pottery Barn, Arhaus, and Soho Home.

COCOCOZY Team Pick: Hand-Carded Merino Pillow – $220

Minmalist Style Lighting

A simple way to elevate a space is by upgrading your home lighting. Shop luxury and modern pendant lights for your kitchen or simple chandeliers at Visual Comfort, Schoolhouse Lighting, Lumens, and Lamps Plus.

COCOCOZY Team Pick: Katie Dome Brass Pendant Light – $479

Adrian Gaut

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Have you heard of quiet luxury before? The fashion trend is now a popular trend in home decor and interior design. It’s easy to achieve in your home. Share your thoughts in the comments. Do you think it will be around for a while or it’s only a matter of time before we move on to the next thing?