Are Outdoor Rugs Worth It? The Top Luxury And Affordable Rugs

What is The Purpose Of An Outdoor Rug?

Outdoor rugs add a layer and dimension to an outdoor space. They help organize and define seating areas.  Almost like a subtle way to create designated outdoor rooms. The best outdoor rugs are mildew resistant and help prevent damage and surface scratches on wood decks and patios.

Orlanda Indoor / Outdoor Rug ($1,398)

Chunky synthetic weave from Lulu & Georgia – Luxury Rug

About The Rug: A chunky neutral outdoor rug is a go-to when creating a chic outdoor space. The rug is made in India and is also water resistant. So feel free to style the rug on your poolside patio.

Alexander Home Renee Geometric Modern Indoor / Outdoor Rug (SALE)

A gray modern geometrical rug design – Affordable Rug

About The Rug:  If you’re looking for something that’s durable in heavy foot traffic areas then this rug from Overstock is the perfect fit. It’s a geometric pattern that is stylish and will complement all types of outdoor furniture.

Escape Cloud – Capel Rugs ($1,318)

Chic Chain Pattern – Luxury Rug

About This Rug: It displays an earthy, balanced color palette for an effortlessly elegant outdoor space. The alternating rows of open and closed shapes maintain visual appeal.  It is a hand tufted, 100% wool rug with a high-low design. Oh yeah… we’re a little biased because this rug is from COCOCOZY’s Capel rugs collection.

Niccolo Modern Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug ($187)

Modern charcoal and gray – Affordable Find

About The Rug: Who doesn’t love a little drama? This outdoor rug has a unique design that will give your outdoor patio that “wow” factor. It not only looks good, but it’s also durable. And don’t worry about the dark colors retaining heat., This dark-colored rug won’t get too hot in direct sunlight. This is a rug that will have friends and family talking for years.

Dash & Albert Samson Indoor/Outdoor Rug ($1,595)

Bunny Williams for Dash & Albert – Luxury Rug

About The Rug: If you don’t mind spending a little more on a luxurious rug. This rug from One Kings Lane is inspired by earthy hues and traditional African Kuba textiles. The beautiful pattern was created by Iconic interior designer Bunny Williams. She teamed up with Annie Selke of Dash & Alber to create a fabulous collection of luxurious outdoor accessories.

Jaipur Raynor Indoor/ Outdoor Solid Beige ($2,905)

Sophisticated Beige/Ivory Rug – Luxury Rug

About This Rug: Level up your outdoor experience with a sophisticated rug from Scout & Nimble. This rug is worth the splurge because it’s a classic color choice that will last for years. The subtle pattern adds textured detailing without being too loud. It’s perfect for indoors too.

Finesse-Tower Court Silver (SALE)

Geometric Style – Affordable Rug

About This Rug: The rug featured in the photo above is from Colette’s first collection with Capel Rugs. The COCOCOZY rugs featured Colette’s custom textiles that create unique and elegant partners. It will make everyone’s outdoor experience a little more cozy.

Are Outdoor Rugs Worth It?

Outdoor rugs are worth it. they will help elevate your outdoor space without breaking the bank. Not only do they look beautiful with your outdoor furniture. They also prevent damage and can avoid people from slipping and falling.

The outdoor accessory is a unique way to incorporate your own personal style outside your home. You can make a boho living space or a serene seating area with chic outdoor furniture. If you’re feeling bold, then add a vibrant area rugs with fun patterns. Rugs can change any space and they’re easy to swap out if your personal taste changes throughout the years.

So yes… we think outdoor rugs are worth it.

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