Show Your Stripes with Colours of Arley, Bespoke Fabric Created for a Rescue Pup

a dijon/terracotta headboard in grand stripes. 12
Above: A Dijon/Terracotta headboard in grand stripes.

“Stripes are such simple design,” says Louisa. “But what interests me is the limitless possibilities within that. So we might have someone order a neutral, skinny stripe in Mouse and Latte for their headboard. And then, the next minute, we’ll have someone order Periwinkle and Sunrise in wide stripes for a curtain. It’s the same design – but it creates such a different effect.”

curtains in grand magnolia/pine. 13
Above: Curtains in grand Magnolia/Pine.

For customers confounded by the choice, Louisa’s suggests choosing “a sentimental stripe.” She explains: “I encourage people to create a stripe that is based on something they love. It could be a jug from your grandma or your favorite flower—something that has a bit more meaning than just ‘it will look pretty against my green wall.’” That way, Louisa reasons, you’ll be more likely to take it with you to your next home. (One customer recently ordered a cushion in a peach and pink stripe that replicated the colors in her young daughter’s favorite cardigan. The cardigan had grown too small for the girl, so the cushion became a way for the mother to remember her in it.)

colours of arley founder louisa tratalos: “although we’re a new b 14
Above: Colours of Arley founder Louisa Tratalos: “Although we’re a new brand, because we work closely with Arley House we’re able to draw on 10 years of experience in production and manufacturing,” Louisa explains. “All our processes and fabrics have already been tried and tested.”

Initially, Louisa wanted to target young creatives: “people like myself who want something bespoke for their home but might not have thousands of pounds to spend on it.” To her delight, the service has attracted exactly the right kind of customer as well as an increasing number of respected interior designers. “I’ve been blown away by the amount of trade requests I’ve had!” says Louisa, citing Studio Ashby and Beata Heuman as two recent signings.

a colours of arley cushion in beer/lantern. 15
Above: A Colours of Arley cushion in Beer/Lantern.

As well as the bespoke fabric, Colours of Arley offers customers the opportunity to create their own bespoke striped cushions, blinds, and curtains. Again, samples are sent out before the finished bespoke piece is delivered fully formed. Two new product ventures are also in the making: a succinct “vintage drop” of 10 pieces and a Colours of Arley chair, which will be available in three shapes.

one of the pieces from the latest vintage drop, which has been upholstered in a 16
Above: One of the pieces from the latest vintage drop, which has been upholstered in a skinny Bug/Coconut stripe.

“With the vintage pieces, the idea is that we’re removing the headache of sourcing, shipping, finding an upholsterer, ordering your fabric, getting that delivered to the upholsterer … Instead, we’re finding each piece—which might be a lamp, a chair, a stool—and encouraging you to use your imagination. The price will include a color chart and three samples and it’ll be delivered to you as a ready-made product. How simple is that?”

For more, head to Colours of Arley.

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