Home Bar Ideas: What Every Home Bar Should Have in 2023

Design by Constanze Ladner | Photography by Svetlana Shadrina

Where To Create Your Home Bar?

If you’re in need of some home bar ideas it’s better to plan ahead before you jump into a new project. The best thing about a home bar is that you don’t need that much space. There are so many designs that can help you elevate a countertop into a custom-built home bar. The ideal setup for your home bar should be somewhere off the kitchen. You don’t want to walk across your entire home to whip up a cocktail. It should be a central area in your home for everyone and anyone to hang out. Some examples include the kitchen, a nook in the living room, or against the wall in the dining room.

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Home Bar Storage

So let’s talk about storage for your home bar. First things first, you need to evaluate your space and figure out what kind of storage is gonna work best for your layout. You can go for some cabinets with closed shelves, open shelving, or even a combo of the two. It’s a great design technique to do a combination of different shelving. You can have a mix of cabinetry and open shelves to put some of your more elegant glassware and gadgets on display.

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Glassware & Barware Essentials

Your bar is only as good as your glassware and gadgets. They don’t need to be the most expensive. However, they need to be functional and have a purpose.

Glassware is any type of container or vessel that’s used for drinking liquids. In case you didn’t know…”glass” has its origins in Old English as early as 900 A.D.

Here are some glassware home bar ideas to get you inspired. Believe it or not, the size and shape of your glasses can actually affect the taste and smell of your drinks. That’s why there are so many different styles of glassware and statement glasses. Plus, they can make for a pretty sweet display on your bar shelves! To make a unique home bar, pick out vibrant colors and unique sculptural pieces to show off your style. Make sure to include different styles for different functions and beverages: wine glasses, champagne flutes, collin glasses, etc. Here are a few must-haves to get you started:

Types of Glassware

  • Everyday glasses: Daily glassware is usually inexpensive and is made of thicker and more durable glass. They are also dishwasher safe.
  • Coup glasses: with their low-slung, retro-style bowl, and elegant stem, these are a real crowd-pleaser. They work great for cocktails and can even double as champagne glasses!
  • Stemless glasses: stemless glassware is trendy! It’s due to it being a better option for clumsy wine lovers. They are less likely to tip over, which makes them more efficient for dinner parties too. 
  • Rocks glasses: these are short and stout, perfect for sipping on cocktails that are built inside the glass, like a Negroni or mint julep.
  • Collins glasses: named after the Tom Collins drink, these are taller and more slender, making ’em ideal for drinks with a lotta mixer, like a gin fizz or mojito.
  • Wine glasses: there are a bunch of different types of wine glasses out there, but if you’re short on space, try picking out a universal wine glass, a Cabernet/Bordeaux glass, and a sauvignon blanc glass. 

Bar Tip: Have at least six to eight of each type (or more if you’re planning on hosting some epic parties

After reading this post, maybe you’re thinking designing a new home bar is a bit ambitious for you right now. If that’s the case, then check out Chirpyest’s guide How to  Decorate Bar Cart. It’s a smaller project that provides the same functionality as a home bar.