12 Spring Tablecloth Ideas For Your Spring Tablescape

Solid Color Linen Tablecloth

A go-to chic spring table starts with a solid linen cloth. Depending on your personal style, you can pick muted tones like sage green or sky blue. Maybe color isn’t your first choice? Create a serene tablescape with a white linen tablecloth for a bright, airy table.

Floral Tablecloth

A floral tablecloth might seem too on the nose. But who doesn’t love a floral tablescape? An easy way to make a springy-themed table without buying fresh flowers is by layering a floral tablecloth.

Trim Detail Linen Tablecloth

Even a simple spring table needs a little flare. Find a table cloth with elegant detailing on the trim to elevate your ideal aestheitc. Go for a bright color that complements the serveware or a neutral design on the trim for some texture. The trim adds personality to the tablecloth without being too overwhelming.

Plaid Tablecloth for Spring

Plaid is usually associated with holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. So how would I make a plaid tablecloth work for spring? Plaid tablecloths in pretty pastels or muted tones can make a dinner party feel like a spring picnic Plaid patterns are great for adding color and life to a dull table setting.

Citrus Tablecloth

I made a citrus tablescape last summer. It was a huge hit. Usually, citrus is associated with summer. But I thought…wouldn’t it be interesting to style a spring table with a circus theme. Citrus patterns aren’t just lemons and limes. There are many different citrus-themed tablecloths that will impress your guests at your next spring lunch.

Modern Pattern Tablecloth

The benefit of a modern pattern tablecloth is curating a table that is original. The bold and abstract patterns will add sophistication to a spring table. Guests will never expect modern prints for a feminine spring dinner party. Modern patterns is a great way to explore your creativity while designing a tablescape.

Are any of you hosting for Easter? I’m not quite sure what I’ll be doing yet. I’m not hosting. However, I do plan on throwing a dinner party with some close friends in April. Also, if you’re looking for more spring table-must-haves then check out this blog.

I hope you have a great week! 🙂