Dining Room

Dining Room Refresh

Hey Friend! We did a mini Dining Room Refresh! I want your honest opinion, do you like this bench better in our dining room or our master bedroom? We switched our our 2 chairs for this bench from @antiquefarmhouse and our beautiful chandelier from @cottonandcrete3657 We love the way it gives this space a sophisticated look with that character we also really want in this space. I hope you enjoy!

Living it Country Collection – https://rstyle.me/+1KHnWkQyC0SJSGsh2lJ1sg
Chandiler – https://cottonandcrete.com/products/weathered-gold-tone-chandelier?_pos=2&_sid=90c9a1a2d&_ss=r Use Code HollyMarch10 to save 10% Off ( Not Affiliate Code )

For Business Inquires please email livingitcountry@outlook.com

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