Kid's Room

Simple & Easy Crafts to Liven up Your Child’s Room | Crayola CIY

Decorating your spaces can be a lot of fun! We’ve prepared these awesome tutorials for you so you can add some colorful details and turn your child’s room into a wonder without any effort.
You can make unicorns or paper art to hang on the walls. When you’re done with your Crayola markers and crayons, you can make a fun holder for them! And if you like mesmerizing colors, a sun catcher will make the room sparkle.
0:00 Chalk Unicorn Wall Art
0:41 Suncatcher From Crayons
1:23 Wall Decoration
2:28 Triangular Shelves
3:07 Alligator Shelf Organizer
Crayola believes in unleashing, nurturing, and celebrating the colorful originality in every child by offering tools that inspire kids and giving colorful wings to the invisible things that grow in their hearts and minds