Interior Design Trends 2023: Floral Motifs, Statement Glass, and Feminine Color Palettes

My friend’s home office features a beautiful motif wallpaper.

Floral Motifs

Floral motifs are expected to be a popular trend in interior design in 2023. This is because floral patterns and designs bring a sense of warmth, comfort, and natural beauty to a space. They also have a timeless appeal that can make a room feel both classic and modern at the same time. Floral motifs can be incorporated in various ways such as through wallpaper, textiles, artwork, and even lighting fixtures. This makes it easy to incorporate the trend into a variety of design styles, from traditional to contemporary.

Photography by COCOCOZY

Statement Glass

Statement glass is an exciting trend as it brings a sense of luxury, elegance, and modernity to a space. The use of statement glass can be achieved in several ways, such as incorporating large glass windows, glass walls, glass decor, or even glass furniture. These elements allow natural light to flow freely throughout the room, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. Statement glass also has the ability to make a small space feel larger and more open, by creating the illusion of more square footage. I designed a custom window for the COCOCOZY design house. It’s a unique way to add a personal touch to a space.

Feminine Color Palettes

Feminine color palettes are making a big splash in interior design this year and for good reason. These soft, delicate hues are the perfect way to create a space that is both soothing and chic. Think about a blush pink, a powder blue, a soft lavender, and even a subtle mint. These colors evoke feelings of warmth and comfort, making them ideal for bedrooms and living spaces. One of the great things about feminine color palettes is that they can be paired with a wide range of other colors and design elements, making them incredibly versatile.

Remember that trends are not set in stone, you can always add your own personal touch and make it your own. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, and remember that your home should reflect your personality and make you feel comfortable and happy. With these trends in mind, you can create a space that is both stylish and functional, and that truly feels like home.