Top 10 Free & Cheap Holiday Decorating Ideas/Christmas Tree Decorating Themes & Ideas

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Do you need REALLY budget-friendly holiday decorating ideas? In this video I share my top ten ideas for decorating your tree and home for the holidays on an extremely tight budget. I will also be decorating two Christmas trees. The green tree will be decorated in a “Scottish Woodland” theme, and the white tree will be in a “Frozen Lake” theme. And, of course, I’ll be DIYing some new ornaments and holiday decor!

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Music used in this video: Noel by Audionautix 2

DIY Ornaments shown on my trees:

Doily covered lid, mushrooms, Christmas song lyric tree on wood slice, stick snowflake:

Wire bird cage:

Bird on pile of branches:

Large bird nest in tree:

Woodland animals on wood slices: