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How can I beautify my living room?
How can I decorate my living room 2023?

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How can I decorate my living room like a professional?

These living room ideas offer classic and smart, contemporary and cozy, colorful and natural decor options – plus a ton of advice.

Whatever the living room ideas you’re searching for – whether elegant, classic or contemporary, we have wonderful decor schemes to suit your home’s style and your color preferences. Plus, we have included a ton of added-value design advice, too.

So whether your living room decor is expansive, open-plan, a shared home office space or on the compact side, there are looks to suit. Plus, of course, we have catered to a wide variety of styles, color preferences, and budgets, and, as ever, there are ideas you can adopt quickly – and whole-renovation inspiration.

These are our favorite living room ideas and we’ve added in-depth advice from well-known designers and our own team of experts, too, so that you know how to design a living room with aplomb.

We have found that as we’ve all been spending more time in our homes, there has been a really exciting shift in how experimental we’re being with living room paint ideas and our customers are increasingly focusing their living room scheme on a tone that they want to immerse themselves in.

One such trend is head-to-toe color – painting the walls, woodwork and even the ceiling one color for a welcoming, immersive room with a modern edge. We’d always recommend really thinking about how that color will interplay with the light in your room and trying samples first to make sure you love it.

A full immersion of color, with one stunning shade for all walls and woodwork, can bring interest into the room without overwhelming the eye; mid-tone colors work particularly well for this. The style also complements strong architectural features in a fresh and modern way’ – great for living room ceiling ideas.

Another fabulous living room idea that we’re starting to see appearing is to match your walls to your furniture. We all strive for cohesive interiors when planning our décor and color choices are core to creating the mood and theme for your home.

When looking to match your walls to your furniture or vice versa, the question is to match or to contrast as each will produce a different style. If you love a color and are wedded to the idea of mirroring it throughout the space, whether it be a dusty rose sofa on pink walls or green wallpaper to match an olive sofa – matching color on color is a fun, considered way to stamp your personality and style into the space.

We recommend breaking up the upholstery and wall color with textural touches via accent pieces and accessories: think woods, brass, woven finishes and greenery, to keep the end-look balanced and welcoming.

For a thoroughly modern feel – in a period property – choose a couple of shades of the same color and use them in various spots in the living room. Consider painting the ceiling too, it’s been a big trend recently that we feel will carry on for a good year or so.

If you’ve decided to keep your walls neutral or white, but still fancy a splash of color then consider choosing accent colors to boost interest. It’s a fabulous way to incorporate a shade you love and you can go all out with patterns too – it needn’t be all about plains.

This minimalist living room idea is brought to life with a fabulously vibrant twist on traditional chintz – perfect country living room ideas when you want a more contemporary feel.