Trend Alert: Hand-Carved Tyrolean Folk Chairs (Plus 5 to Buy)

Since we first reported on the classic carved-wood Tyrolean chair (also called the Swiss mountain chair or the folk chair) way back in 2014, we’ve noticed it cropping up in more and more places.

Tyrolean chair maker Don of NordicChairCo. on Etsy summed up the history best: “Centuries ago, hard-working peasants lived in the Tyrol region of the Austrian, Swiss, and Italian Alps. They built furniture for their small alpine chalets with only their hands and the primitive tools available to them. To bring some joy to their difficult lives, they crafted folksy and whimsical chairs, known today as Tyrolean chairs. These chairs were part of daily life when gathering with family for meals or sharing music and stories among friends.

“Using only local wood and ingenuity, they created these strong yet uniquely beautiful chairs. Although difficult to find, most of the chairs that remain today are as sturdy as the day they were made.”

Here are a few sightings of the Swiss mountain chair—plus five to buy.