HIGH END DECOR dupes and inspired pieces made with DOLLAR TREE items so they are extremely budget friendly. Get HIGH END looks for MUCH less with beautiful HOME DECOR DIYS! Dupes or “inspired by” pieces from Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, West Elm, H & M, Antropologie, Kirklands and More! In this video, I’ve picked my personal favorite DIYS I have done on this channel and ranked them from number 25 to number PLUS threw in 2 honorable mentions for a total of 27 fantastic HIGH END HOME DECOR DIYS!

All of the DIYS presented are projects that I have been using in my home since their creation anywhere from 3 years to a few months ago and treasure to this day as a group of my favorite to date here in January 2023. But we are just getting started so make sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell to see all the great DIYs we have planned for 2023 and beyond!

Here are the links to the original videos
N0. 25- Large Wicker Basket https://youtu.be/TbbKXz8Y3_c
NO. 24- COFFEE Sign https://youtu.be/DFSOp–eitw
NO. 23- Wood Lanterns https://youtu.be/lbOPFDa14Pw
NO. 22- Patio End Table https://youtu.be/-dBEvpxw6Ks
NO. 21- Bucket Planter https://youtu.be/-dBEvpxw6Ks
Honorable Mention 1- Pottery Barn Vessel https://youtu.be/DuG_Q0UAMdM
NO. 20- Puck Light Hanging Pendant https://youtu.be/spqQnLT7EWQ
NO.19- Peruvian Mirror https://youtu.be/8_BXR8RGkSI
NO.18- Front Door Floral https://youtu.be/jHHvv5pNsBc
NO.17- Scroll Note Pad https://youtu.be/DFSOp–eitw
NO.16- Macrame Look Planter https://youtu.be/QAYFSY40vyA
NO.15- Rope Large Wall Hanging https://youtu.be/F7GTOsUdzQM
NO.14- Wood Ladder https://youtu.be/U6rkB33XW-c
NO.13- Sweater Pillow https://youtu.be/K23BiIcp-wI
NO.12- Sunburst Mirror https://youtu.be/nZhz6BNOEAc
NO.11- Copper Cage Planter https://youtu.be/QAYFSY40vyA
Honorable Mention 2- Texture Pillow with Tassels https://youtu.be/nZhz6BNOEAc
NO.10- Modern Candle Holder https://youtu.be/v4cultg1NTU
NO. 9- Paper Mache Bowl https://youtu.be/dcEoUshr3mk
NO. 8- Tray Top storage table https://youtu.be/spqQnLT7EWQ
NO. 7- Copper Footed Planter https://youtu.be/nZhz6BNOEAc
NO. 6- RH Standing Sculptures https://youtu.be/dcEoUshr3mk
NO. 5- Pom Pom Vase https://youtu.be/v4cultg1NTU
NO. 4- Teakwood Mirror https://youtu.be/DuG_Q0UAMdM
NO. 3- Long Bead Centerpiece https://youtu.be/9YSrgSYGzz4
NO. 2- Girl & Boy Vase https://youtu.be/nZhz6BNOEAc
NO. 1- Candle Stand https://youtu.be/lr-EWm9kCZo