Hang an Eye Mask by the Bed, and 8 More (Hard-Won) Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests

Also, if you really want to go the distance, put your wireless network and password near the charger, maybe in a little frame (optional) or written on a slip of paper tucked next to the charger.

4. Help guests have music… or silence.

We love music, and most of our friends and family love music, and while we have great speakers in the main parts of our home, it’s a fun extra to give guests their own speaker to enjoy as they see fit. It can be a tiny portable bluetooth speaker like many hotels provide these days; in our guest room we added one of Sonos’s portable Move speakers, which stays docked primarily in the guest room but works well when we want to add extra speaker capacity elsewhere in the house or even outside.

On the flip side, as a person who sometimes travels with a white noise machine (it might have reached the level of habituation or even addiction, dunno) it’s really nice to have a noise machine available for guests. As a connoisseur, I don’t think you can beat the Dohm Natural Sound Machine model from Yogasleep

5. Hang an eye pillow by the bed.

an eye mask hangs from a shelf above the bed in martina casonato’s  12
Above: An eye mask hangs from a shelf above the bed in Martina Casonato’s guest room; see A Graphic Designer’s Redone Victorian, Where the Pantry Takes Center Stage. Photograph via Martina Casonato of The Venetian Pantry.

What’s an eye pillow, you ask? That’s what my partner calls an eye mask, and thus what I now call it, and maybe you will, too. We have curtains and such in the guest room, but we also have skylights that let all the light in come daytime. With anything less than blackout shades, if you want to sleep in, daylight is your enemy. So we give our guests an eye pillow. So far, these are standard issue, but I do have a vision to start custom-sewing them for every guest out of vintage fabrics or old shirting material. Maybe after I’m done with all the renovation projects, sometime in 2084…

6. Make a “do not disturb” sign.

Another hotel takeaway, and a practical one. It’s nice to know when your guests are awake and ready to be disturbed about breakfast items, activity choices, etc. We found a cute vintage hook and put it on the door outside one of our guest rooms and plan to embroider “do not disturb” or something cuter on a vintage handkerchief eventually. But for now, we’ve made a “baby sleeping” sign to hang up for my newborn niece.