10 Home Interior Hacks That Will Make Your Home Look EXPENSIVE #interiordesign

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10 things you can add to your living room to make it look expensive without any major interior work. These hacks are great for rental homes where you can’t alter anything to the existing home or spend too much on interiors.

Chandelier – Every living room in apartments comes with a chandelier point in the center. Use this and add a nice large fancy light fitting.

Pendant light – Pendant lights are the budget variant of chandeliers. If you’re working with a tight budget go for pendant lights or sconce lights. They start at a price as cheap as 1000 rupees per fitting.

Plants – Anybody who has a lot of plants knows that it can turn into a very expensive hobby. But you can look at it as an investment. You can always make more plants of your existing plants as and when it grows. And who doesn’t love a plant-filled home?

Swing – They come in various sizes & shapes, so you can pick a swing to fit your space. You can have a floor-mounted one or suspend it from the roof or even go for a double-faced swing. These look great and are also fun seating options.

Floor-to-ceiling curtains – These curtains can instantly make your living room fancy, larger & expensive. Curtains aren’t the cheapest things to buy but these are again something we hardly change so it’s an investment for as long as you stay.

Accent chair – It can be a wing chair or a grandfather’s chair or an old cane chair, regardless they look cool & are super comfortable to sit and binge watch hours of your favorite show.

Accent color wall paint – Accent wall paint is by far the easiest & cheapest way to fully transform the look of your existing home.

Wallpaper – Wallpapers come in all budgets and ranges. So depending on what look you want & how much you’re willing to spend you can pick the wallpaper

Frames – Frames can create an interesting feature.

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