Kitchen Tools for the Homestead Kitchen | Kitchen Series Episode 1

Here are some of the products listed (some of these are affiliate links but I do encourage you to look for some things second hand. And remember, make do and don’t give up learning!)

All my Le Creuset items are from TJMaxx or Le Creuset outlets. They can be found full price on Amazon:
Lodge Cast Iron 10 inch skillet:
Lodge Cast Iron 12 Inch skillet:
Lodge 15 Inch Skillet:
All American Pressure Canner:
Breville Food Processor (without attachments)
Vitamin Blender (these often go on sale at Costco)
My kitchenmaid mixer (5 qt pro) is from Costco (they are significantly cheaper there)
Check Out MTKnives Custom KnifeMaker, the maker of my favorite Knife:
Bosch Mixer Holiday Bundle Sale:
Pampered Chef Party:

Spatchcock Chicken Recipe:

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