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They just moved that house. Each room is unique; simply fantastic. The vibrant teal chosen as a splash for your family’s new entryway is a fitting introduction to their unique home. Curved subtleties, including side entrances, openings and porthole windows, set the theme of the renovation and create an element of visual unity throughout the floor.

The entrance that leads to the reception room, which used to be a side entrance from the courtyard, is not enough due to the curved shape. With the reception completely transformed into an open space, the entrance was adapted to the others.

Raw wood beams were added and attached to the exterior of the original solid wood flooring and finished wood entryways. A major renovation in the family room will update the fireplace and finish the oak floors. Collectables and building pieces complement the traditional period style of the home. The house relies on new plant life to bring a touch of nature and variety to the interior spaces.

Enlarged fabric openings help make party and living spaces feel larger and more open. The living room is very large and the large windows provide lots of natural light.

New window treatments and accents help highlight the windows, and the metal glass frame and wood table add warmth. The kitchen is small, cramped and has a layout that cannot be used by customers. It is flanked on one side by a coordinating staircase behind the attached wardrobes that leads to the cloakroom.

The stairs to the loft have been removed, creating a spacious kitchen with another breakfast nook in the corner with nice sofas. The first kitchen layout included the introduction of a solid wood floor, but opted for high-contrast tiles, originally designed for use only in the butler’s cupboard, to add more character and appeal to the whole kitchen. . lighter and more powerful.

Antique entryways, a wooden island and brass components help create a warm contrast with a bold contrast. Many kitchen features include new black cabinets that match the marble surfaces, countertops and backsplash, and a custom vent hood.

One of the basic wishes of the clients during the reconstruction is to create a real expert apartment, which is missing in the unique floor plan of the house. Two adjacent rooms, including the one shown here, could be a double room and a new large shower room for professionals.

The wooden floors were restored, new details around the windows were painted with a soft, soft light, and twin sconces were placed on either side of the bed. The walls have been opened up to give the shower room more space, which is necessary as it includes a separate bath and a new shower enclosure.

Features of the new shower include a double sink, dark painted seat rail and custom marble and wood floor inlay to create a ‘wallpaper’ effect. Opening the terrace, preserving the curved subtleties and consolidating the unique finishing elements will help to restore the usual beauty and good taste of the house.

Floor-to-ceiling windows let in the Texas sun, and painted white wood, a welcoming front entry, new trim, and wrought iron sconces give this 40-year-old home a new face.

The wall between the kitchen and the living room is a distant memory, and a new black steel barrel wall now defines the space between the kitchen and the foyer in an attractive way. New hardwood floors, a large new kitchen island, teal backsplash and brand new metal pendant lights complete the kitchen makeover.

Lots of new windows and a warm wood deck change the character of this remodel – it’s ready for family fun. This room can also function as a temporary space between the new outdoor garage and the rest of the house thanks to the new entrances and more than enough capacity.

The general outline of the exterior of the house is retained, but the appearance has been changed with new plaster on the main cladding, a new roof, an additional dormer window, window surrounds and clean panelling.

The living room has a new, clean look and added surface with a white overlay on the shelf, a range of black and white options, a new fireplace and contemporary decorations.

The first entrance portals, one of the most distinctive features of the house, have been preserved and, with new dark finishes, have become a central element of the overall floor plan.

New wooden floors in a light design and with a herringbone pattern are one of the most important elements of the room renovation.

The updated living room highlights hardwood floors, a unique ceiling finish, and new French doors that follow the theme of the corner entry that is integral to the home’s unique flooring.