Cooking Cake With Huggy Wuggy and Squid Game Doll😱 *Kitchen gadgets and hacks*

Do you love Squid Game and Huggy Wuggy? We have an idea to combine them with one of our favourite things : a cake 🍰! So in this video, we tried to create an ultimate cake with Squid Game and Huggy Wuggy as the theme. From donuts, skittles, fruits, walnuts, to gummy bears, this cake has it all 🎂!

Timestamps :
0:31 Easily shape a candy bomb base / Balloon
1:19 Fancy cake topper / Doll
1:46 Half a donut = Huggy Wuggy / Donut
2:25 Useful as a nice mould / Pop it
3:05 Make candy sticks with it / Cocktail straw
3:31 Colourful decorations / Skittles
4:16 A finishing touch for pretty cake / Cake smoothing polisher
4:27 Add colours to your cake / Pastry bag dispenser
4:52 Evenly cut bananas and strawberries / Banana slicer & Strawberry slicer
5:38 Inject pretty pearls on your cake / Pearl applicator
6:13 Crack it open! / Nutcracker
8:12 Make your own gummy bears / Bear silicone mould
8:49 Top your biscuits with any flavour / Cream dispenser
9:32 Fill in with three colored creams at the same time / Triple pastry nozzle

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