How to Earn 7.5% Cash Back at Circa Lighting

Chandeliers are always the go-to for adding some drama and elegance to your room. Swap out your traditional lighting fixtures with a new modern round chandelier. Black light fixtures have become more popular in modern interior renovations and makeovers. The Kate Spade chandelier is trending for dining room and bathroom designs. It adds the perfect amount of sparkle to a room for those who aren’t afraid of glamour.

Pendant lights are a go-to for kitchen designs. Round pendant lights are trending in new kitchen remodels. Replace your outdated pendants with new brass round lights to brighten up your kitchen.

A floor lamp can illuminate the dark spots in a room where your overhead lights don’t reach. Floor lamps are great for adding balance and look good too. They’re perfect for bedtime reading or doing work at a desk. There are so many different styles, which makes it easy to mix and match to fit your home.

The power of a good set of sconces can take a wall from mediocre to WOW. Most sconces are used in bathrooms but can be creatively used in every room. Sconces will add unique details and contrast to your furniture.

How to Earn 7.5% Cash Back?

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