The Easiest Way to Make Money as an Interior Designer

Living room in the Hamptons.

Passive income has become one of the go-to strategies for interior designers to earn more money. Due to the digital age, social media has become an important platform for designers to showcase their projects and gain exposure. Designers have been using affiliate links to earn money when a follower clicks and shops the link. Affiliate links are custom and/or trackable links that allow the user to earn money and credit when they drive traffic to a product.

Chirpyest is one of the top platforms that allows interior designers to monetize their projects. The platform offers high cash back percentages at home retailers like Pottery Barn, Jayson Home, Lulu & Georgia, Wayfair, and more. It allows members to earn higher commissions than competitors and makes it easy to create shareable links. Designers can earn money by adding Chirpyest links to their portfolios to encourage followers to shop their finds.

During consultations, designers can use the Chirpyest shopping board feature to curate items for the clients to shop. If a client shops a product on their board then the design can earn up to 30% cash back on the cart total.

The best part is even if you’re just a beginner or someone who loves interior design, you can become a member and share your recommendations with friends. Chirpyest is available to everyone who loves to share their finds. Sign up here. 🙂

The living room belongs to my friends Anne and John. It’s located at their Hamptons home. They let me stay there for a few weeks over the summer. I took so many photos of their home. They added so many great finds and unique pieces. Stay tuned for more.