10 Bestsellers at Clare V: How to Earn Cash Back

A view of the Chirpyest browser extension activated.

How to Earn Cash Back From Clare V with Chirpyest? 

Once you add the Chirpyest browser extension to your desktop, you can go to the Clare V site and shop like you normally do. The browser extension will alert you when cash back is available (see image above). If you want to buy this drawstring bag, the purchase will be tracked on your Chirpyest profile after checkout. You can receive cash back after you reach the $5 minimum and the return window closes (30-90 days). It’s that easy!

You can save hundreds of dollars every month just by doing your personal shopping. Or if you have a small business you can curate your own shopping board and use our share link feature to earn money when others shop your picks. Chirpyest over 850 brands that you can shop and earn cash back. See Chirpyest’s full list here. Join Chirpyest here.