EXTREME BEDROOM MAKEOVER + TOUR – aesthetic, boho, pinterest inspired

Hey guys today’s video is an extreme bedroom makeover! I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and with quarantine I finally decided to do it. Hope you guys enjoy! As always make sure to watch in 1080p 🙂

Music by Mark Generous – Orange And Pomegranate –

Intro: 0:00
Taking off my vinyl wall stickers: 2:13
My experience with trying to take off plantation shutters lol: 3:04
Moving around/dealing with all my furniture: 5:23
Canopy + bed area + building a chair: 9:17
Bringing in some new items: 11:04
Setting up my desk area(mirror, shelves, etc.): 11:46
Windows – rainbow film & curtains: 15:10
Adding more plants: 17:38
Cozy bean bag set up: 18:50
Picture frames + gallery wall + how to get free prints: 19:29
Rugs: 22:15
Final reveal + tour: 22:49


*if I didn’t link something it’s because I either got it a really long time ago or I just forgot so feel free to comment if you’re looking for something*
(also had to make a bunch of tinyurls bc yt said it was too long sorry)

Canopy: It’s from urban outfitters but it doesn’t restock till october!
Bedding: It’s literally like 15 years old so I have no idea where it’s from sorry 🙁
Macrame panel:
Led Moon Light:
Star Lights (similar):

Table: again it’s super old sorry but here’s a similar ish one
Lamp: super old but here’s the most similar one I could find:–Romain-Mica-16-Table-Lamp-XSNF2807-L6449-K~WRME1796.html?refid=GX433527035751-WRME1796&device=c&ptid=931633666924&network=g&targetid=pla-931633666924&channel=GooglePLA&ireid=3475529&fdid=1817&gclid=Cj0KCQjwo6D4BRDgARIsAA6uN19CMPNIY1CrY5fARWio4TXw8_A8HhTQYpV-JLz8vYnGig6Xj9Qs9xsaAgsCEALw_wcB
Wicker container:
Mini salt lamp:
Black fabric Cube (similar):

Curtain Rods:–34–66–34–fast-fit-finn-easy-install-decorative-window-curtain-rod-brown—kenney/-/A-52557414
Window Film:

Salt Lamp:

White rug:
Black and white rug: they don’t sell it anymore but it’s from five below
Pink and white rug: they don’t sell it anymore but it’s from five below
Orange rug:

ALL MY PLANTS & PLANT HANGERS (if it’s not linked I either have no idea where it’s from or I made it from fake plants from Michaels):
Big plant:
Long trailing pothos:
Other pothos thing:
Mini Plants are all from these 2 collections:
White base:
Terracotta base:
Macrame Hanger 1:
Macrame Hanger 2:

The dollar tree collection:
Giant Square mirrors (I’m not sure it’ll come back in stock my mom bought these a long time ago):
Mirror Peace Symbols (I got these like 10 years ago but these are similar):